PMMA Liquid-Applied Waterproofing

Terapro is a liquid-applied, layered application consisting of one coat of primer, one or more waterproofing/wearing layers, a hard-wearing surfacing, and a surface finish layer. Reinforced systems for use over occupied spaces include a polyester fleece fabric for additional protection. Each of the liquid-applied layers is comprised of a specially formulated, solvent and VOC-compliant, catalyzed polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin. The completed high mil thickness Terapro application is resilient, monolithic, seamless, durable, and resistant to UV, foot traffic, and numerous environmental contaminants.


Terapro formulations are available for both pedestrian access areas and vehicular traffic applications. To learn more about Terapro PMMA liquid-applied waterproofing, click on a selection below.


parking structure waterproofing pmma terrace

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