Parking Structure Waterproofing (Terapro VTS)

PMMA Liquid-Applied Waterproofing


A parking garage is a uniquely challenging structure.  It must protect cars while withstanding damaging emissions from those same vehicles.  It must endure cyclic weathering and mechanical damage.  And it must be utilitarian and low maintenance, while providing a favorable first impression for customers.  Siplast has a solution that meets this difficult set of performance criteria:  Terapro VTS.


Terapro VTS Systems are available in unreinforced applications for use over unoccupied exterior spaces, and reinforced systems for use over occupied interior spaces.


The Terapro VTS System is a liquid-applied, layered application consisting of one coat of primer, a filled waterproofing layer, a hard-wearing quartz surfacing, and a durable pigmented finish layer.  Each liquid-applied layer is comprised of a catalyzed PMMA resin.


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